Well, I’m pretty sure I’ve settled on Landon’s school for next year. I’m going to send him to a local public school that has a dual language program in it. The concept is that he will spend half his day speaking and learning in English, and the other half of the day speaking and learning in Spanish. The concept is that he will be fluent in both languages by the time he reaches Jr High. I know him learning Spanish will be an additional challenge, especially given that my Spanish and Bobby’s are rudimentary, at best. I think, however, that being bilingual will be immensely helpful to him in the future.
I had some vacation to burn off, so I took the kids to the zoo today. We had fun. I think the Komodo Dragons are way cooler than the koalas. Also, the dragon’s had a better enclosure. When renewing our membership I got free tickets to Zoo Lights, which makes me happy, because it means we will probably go. Landon wanted to see the lions, that was the one animal he was most interested in.. He also enjoyed watching some of the monkeys. Oliver was a little bit of a fuss bucket today. He napped some while we were at the zoo. He was pretty much not interested in anything specific, but he mostly enjoyed strolling around until he passed out.
Oliver enjoys fruit snacks, which are also known as Bribes. We have called them that since Landon was little and we used to bribe him to behave by sticking one in his mouth. Oliver was bribed today while we went around Costco. He normally loves shopping, but he was having a fussy day. Landon asked me for cozy pants, which means soft, fuzzy pjs. I got him a set at Costco.
I am just glad that Bobby is home from work, I’m tired.


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