Photography in general

I took the kids down to Sears today in order to get some portraits done. I need to stop doing that. It was super pricey, the girl was new and didn’t take very good shots. She was slow on the shutter, so we’d get the shot and the kids lined up and she wouldn’t take the shot. It left the whole family unhappy. Also, they don’t have a price list anymore, they wait until you are all done and then hit with a huge cost. It was about $35 more expensive than last year. They tried to sell me holiday cards that were three times as expensive as snapfish too.
What I really need is to find someone who is good enough with a camera to go to the park and take pictures of the kids next year. I can do it for other people, (Let me know if you are local and want to set something up) but I need someone to do it for me, for cheap or free.
I want to start a cheap wedding photography and possibly family portrait photography type business. I’m trying to think of a name. I was debating “Charming Photography” or possibly just “Mayer Photography.” I don’t want to just go with my name because Bobby would also be working for the company taking shots. I also want to take a class to help improve my skills. I enjoy doing it, but I’m doing it at a very basic level, and I want to advance some. I’m just not sure the best way to go about doing it. And finding the time. My blogging has already slipped, I need to start writing some more for both of my writing my gigs.
I just never seem to have enough time!


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  1. revmamacrystal
    Nov 07, 2010 @ 15:02:03

    last one is my favorite.


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