Day in the life of Ollie, Birthday

Hi! I’m Ollie, and I’ve high jacked my mom’s blog today to tell you all about my day yesterday. See, yesterday was my first birthday! And Mom took a ton of pictures so I could tell you all about it today.
So I slept good the night before my birthday.

And I woke up around 5AM. Mom got me my morning bottle and then presented me with my birthday presents!
My big brother helped me open them.
Ollie's 1st birthday
Scout could say my name, which was cool, but I really liked all the balls I got.
Dada had to go to work, but Mama took the day off to hang out with me and big brother. She made me breakfast!
And then we went for a walk
And I got to swing on the swings.
After that we went back home and it was time for a nap!
I slept until around lunch time, when mom came in and woke me up.
We got all loaded up in the car.
And went to Burger King for lunch! I had chicken nuggets and French fries!
After that, mom needed to order my cake for my party on Saturday, so it was off to Costco:
And we wanted to get some bubbles and squirt guns for party favors and for the kids to play with at the park during my party, so mom took us to party city!
Finally we went back home, and I decided to play a game with one of my presents. I took the rattle balls that big brother gave me (They came with the cement mixer) and started tossing them around!
Then I would follow the ball, pick it up, and toss it again. I played this game happily by myself for a long time.

Then, it was nap time once again
I woke up on my own, very happy!
Mom showed me my birthday cupcake, she had made it while I napped.
Then we packed everything up and went to Laura’s house for Thursday night dinner! Dada met us there after he got off work, and I was very happy to see him. I had some spaghetti and apple juice, as well as a bunch of mom’s casserole.
Then everyone sang happy birthday to me!

It was a very good cupcake.

Dada drove me home and got me ready for my bath.

It was a nice bath. I love to take a bath!
Next I got dried off and a clean diaper
Then dada put on my PJs
And tucked me into bed for the night!

Overall it was a great birthday! I’m looking forward to my party on Saturday! Hope to see you there!


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