Happy First Birthday Oliver!

Dear Oliver,

You will always be my baby, no matter what happens in your life. Today, at 11:31 AM, you will officially be one year old. It amazes me to realize this. Everything you have been through to get this point. I am so grateful that you are here, healthy and adorable. Your next well visit isn’t for a couple of weeks, so I’ll update officially what you weigh then. I’m sure you’ve more than tripled the 8.5lbs you were born at. It’s been such a crazy year, but a fast year.
You are stubbornly refusing to walk. You realize that it is available as an alternate form of transportation, but you prefer crawling, thank you very much. I would be okay with this, except you can’t move to next class at school until you can walk. The next class at school will be cheaper than your current class. You do move around by holding onto furniture and other things pretty well, so that is nice. You can also free stand without any support for 5 or 10 seconds before falling.

As far as words go, you also stubbornly refuse to say Mama. (Did I mention I think you might be stubborn like your father?) You’ve started to make an MMMMM noise, but no Mama yet. In the meantime, you continue to say Dada, Baba, and Dog. You also say something that sounds like Good, Yeah, and Again. Yesterday at Landon’s swim class, you were holding a cracker. You held the cracker in the air, made eye contact with a perfect stranger and said, clear as day, “Cracker.” I swear you did! I have witnesses! I came home and told your father, who tried to get you to repeat the word. You will not do so for him. Yesterday your brother and I taught you how to “bonk” which basically means if someone says, “Oliver Bonk!” you will obediently touch your forehead to their head.
You mostly sleep through the night. You like to wake up at 4AM a lot. We don’t enjoy that so much. Every once in a while you wake up in the middle of the night, and we like that even less. We haven’t really let you cry it out too much, partly because of your medical history, and partly because your room is so close to ours that it is loud when you cry. Still, I’m grateful you mostly sleep through the night most nights. You head to bed sometime between 7 and 7:30pm, after a nice bath. You really like the bath.

Your hair is getting SO LONG. Your dad says you have hobo hair. We’re going in tomorrow to get your hair cut. I hope you like it. Your dad likes nicknames, so other than hobo, your nicknames are, Ollie, Ollie-bear, Polar bear, little man, and Oxen.

You’ve been having 4 bottles a day for a while now. We’re going to cut you back to two bottles. Yesterday was the first day on this schedule, and it worked out fine. You are drinking regular milk or soy from a sippy cup, as well as water and occasionally juice. You love food, still, but occasionally go on strikes where you won’t eat certain cereals for a day or two. Also, you don’t like oranges! Everything else, so far, has been great. We even took you out for Indian food and you loved it!
Overall, you are a happy baby who has periods of fussiness. When you get fussy you like to be carried and walked. Often times you want to be carried and walked while your dad and I are trying to make dinner or are very busy. This usually results in tears. You love to play Peek-A-Boo, and this normally snaps you out of any sadness. Your favorite way to play is when you hold a blanket over your head, and then lower it to surprise us with your location. Its adorable can’t tell you too many times how much I love you, or how much your smile lights up my life. You are an amazing little boy, and a blessing in our lives. We all, even your brother, love you very much.
Happy first birthday! We struggled a little bit with what to get you, and in the end, I got you pack of “Sensory balls” or plastic balls with little rounded spikes on them for gripping. We also got you a “Scout” doll, who says, “I love you Oliver” among other things. You brother picked out a cement mixer with balls that you put in the mixer part. Landon has been playing with it all morning. You were not interested in opening your presents at all, which was okay with your big brother, who helped open them this morning.
We love you!

Ollie's 1st birthday


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