Landon’s writing

I’m a little worried about Landon. He doesn’t seem to like to write. He doesn’t want to sit down and write his letters. I got a note from his teacher suggesting we “work on it at home to get him excited about writing.”

We have been doing workbook pages at home, using a reward system. I know he CAN write, when pushed. He just doesn’t like to. If I want him to do it, I have to sit with him and encourage him with every line.

I’m worried about the battle this might cause when he enters Kindergarten.

So today’s blog post is a request for help. How do I get Landon to want to do his letters? Keep in mind the boy is four. Any advice? How do I make it fun? In order to improve his skills he needs practice!


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  1. Chris Seggerman
    Nov 02, 2010 @ 09:00:13

    I think I had some HUGE tablet with an owl on it, where I copied the “stick and ball” style of printing. It was spread out with coloring and games. It also had passages to copy out, and maybe sound out and read.

    You could try making the letters in different colors to liven it up, or see if they have activity books where the letters are part of larger artwork. Tie the activity to something he already enjoys. Make it personal for him, so he can have pride and a sense of accomplishment.

    (If it’s boring, suggest music he can listen to while he does this. I still do this when I calligraph letters.)

    Later on, see if you can get him doing Italic handwriting. It has a printed form and a cursive form, and one leads to the others. Most handwriting improvement courses teach a variant.

    Look for “Write Now!” by Barbara Getty and Inga Dubay. Watch out for “Handwriting Without Tears.” It has fun activities, but the letters are not as easy as they tout, and the creator does not seem to know writing history, and why some forms are easier than others.


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