Halloween and Haircuts!

We had a busy but very fun weekend. Be warned, this post will be picture heavy.

First off, it looks like I’m going to be an Aunt again! Congrats to my SIL Heather and her husband on their pregnancy. Sounds like they are due in early July, and we are very excited for them!

I think it’s safe to announce that Bobby got a job offer. His first day at work is today. This is a six month contract temporary job with a chance to go permanent at the end of the contract.

Friday night we ended up playing Super Mario Brothers on the Wii with Jamie and Gyan. I really enjoy playing it 4 player, even if it means that there is a lot of yelling and Mario dying occurring. I usually laugh until I cry at least once. Landon really enjoyed watching us all play!

Saturday we had my niece Chyna and nephew Van’s birthday party. We managed to get the whole clan together for a family picture. This is wonderful, as I can use this picture to create Christmas gifts!


We took pictures and opened presents. My niece was thrilled to discover her parents had gotten her a cell phone! Then it was time to play kickball. Landon has not, to my knowledge, played before. He had a blast playing with his cousins and was a surprisingly good sport, even when he was out. The learning curve was cute as well. At the start he didn’t understand to stop at the bases!


He eventually got the idea, and even managed to steal a base and score a couple of goals.


My “grand” nephew, Ryder, fell asleep in Grandpa’s arms, which was adorable.


Oliver hung out with his Grandma and enjoyed the food.


Once everyone was tired of kickball, they went back to the house and decorated cup cakes!


After we got home, Bobby wanted to celebrate his new job by buying a toy that he had been wanting for a LONG time, ever since they came out. I consented, and Bobby really enjoyed showing off his new toy to Landon.


After a while Landon asked me to play some Wii with him, so I finally talked him into actually playing Mario with me, instead of just watching. He does pretty good!

Once bedtime rolled around, Landon and Ollie were tucked safely away, and Bobby and I had some friends over. Mel, Christine, and Amy all came over and joined us for some Rock Band 3! The most fun ever was playing Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. We had a blast. Amy caught on very quickly and was rocking out with glee. Mel was amazing on drums, as usual. Christine can sing “Bring Me To Life” better than Amy Lee. (Thank you to everyone who came over and played!)

Sunday morning I called my mom and talked to her for a bit. I got the recipe for Ranch Burgers, because I’d been craving them. Then we met Uncle Jack for Lunch over at Jason’s Deli. Did you know they have Gluten Free sandwiches there?


Then we hit Costco. Once we got home, Landon wanted to play more Wii Mario. While we were playing, I noticed how shaggy his hair was. I’ve got a plan this week which includes getting Oliver’s one year pictures, and I also want to get a family shot, so I wanted Landon to look nice. I attempted to sit him down to cut his hair, but he totally freaked out on me. After much debate, he asked to go to the barber shop. I agreed, but only if he promised not to cry. We normally do it at home because it’s pretty pricey to get a little boy a hair cut every month or so.

We went over to Sports Clips.

And Landon did wonderful. Since it was his first time there, they included a free shampoo. The chair he was sitting in vibrated, and they even offered Landon a head massage and a hot towel for his face. He accepted both.


Overall, I was thrilled with the final results! Landon said he likes his hair all “pokey”


After that, the boys spent Oliver’s nap time sitting on the couch, playing with their respective toys. Landon is playing with my ipod touch.


Bobby carved up both pumpkins at Landon’s direction. He wanted the first one to be scary.


And the second, smaller one to be Silly.

I made us some Ranch Burgers, and Emily, Jamie, and Gyan all came over to help celebrate Halloween. The brought some tasty chili to go with the Ranch Burgers. Oliver now sits at the counter, because he’s too big for the little tray on his chair anymore.


We got the kids ready for trick or treating next. Oliver was staying home with me, but I wanted to try one last time to get a picture of Ollie in his costume when he wasn’t crying. He hated his costume. I managed to get one with him smiling.


But he’s totally crying in this one, so we took him out of his costume.


Landon and Emily, however were totally ready to go and have a blast.


Emily was so inspired by Landon in his dragon costume that she decided to turn to Landon and ask, “Would you like to marry me, Landon?”


To which Landon replied with “Sure!”

The kids had a blast trick or treating. I stayed home and passed out candy, although we didn’t have that many kids come through. Oliver was adorable and good the whole time. He has started to mumble a MAMAMAMAMA type noise, but doesn’t actually say Mama yet.

Landon brought home about sixty pieces of candy with milk in them that I had to trade out for non-milk candy. Emily went home and we tucked the kids into bed.

Then Bobby and I sat down and enjoyed last week’s episode of Supernatural, which was okay. My theory about Sam’s (the character) behavior looks to be correct!

I am going to participate in NaBloPoMo, A blog post for every day of November, except instead of getting a meme prompt, I have to come up with something of my very own.


Bobby got a job, he started today.
Landon got a haircut and a lot of Halloween candy
Oliver hated his Halloween costume.


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  1. Crystal
    Nov 01, 2010 @ 10:21:57

    loved Landon with spikey hair!


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