Photo Meme 30: a photo of you when you were happy

I was so amazingly happy after Ollie was born. I can’t put it into words. My family felt so complete and whole. I wasn’t pregnant anymore. Oliver was nursing like a champion. He was so cute. Landon was super funny. Even Bobby seemed to be doing okay, despite the lack of sleep and general crazy a new baby brings. I was also a little naive. When we had to take Oliver to the hospital, it was jarring. When he got so sick, it was shattering. Suddenly I realized how easy, how crazy, it is to lose someone you love. The horror was so close to home. And he got better, and he’s adorable, and I love my family, and I’m so blessed to have them.

But that perfect happiness I remember? Was real? Did I imagine it? All I can tell you is that I never got it back, not all the way. Maybe I’ve glorified that week where Ollie was home and healthy in my head.

But I remember being SO HAPPY.

So here is a picture from that week, a picture that is filled with so much happiness it makes me hurt.


Photo by Tiff

Picture Meme


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