Picture Meme 25: a photo of a night you loved

A night I loved? Well, I can think of many, but most of them I don’t have uploaded pictures of 😉
So, lets talk about a few nights that I love, where there is photo proof.

This picture was taken just before one of my favorite birthday nights ever. Fyr and I were celebrating our birthday and decided to get tickets for the Portland Spirit dinner cruise. The people in this photo were like a mini family during the years we lived in Portland. I miss the gang on regular basis, even knowing that this group will most likely never reunite.

This birthday was pretty awesome.

Portland Spirit Portland Spirit
Mike, Kristi, Fyr, nick, Bobby, Jen

Since our return to AZ, Bobby and I have a family Christmas tradition of our very own. We take our family and go to “Holiday Hill” at Val Vista Lakes. Its a small hill covered in Christmas lights, and for the price of canned food (which is donated to the homeless) you can take your family and enjoy the lights. We have gone every year. Last year was particularly special to me, as it was the first time Ollie got to go. To think a few short weeks earlier, we hadn’t been sure that he would even be alive, let alone out of the hospital to enjoy a night like this. I am looking forward to going again this year!

From Henchmas and Val Vista Holiday Hill

And of course, I love Thursday nights! The most special Hench gatherings of the year all take place in the next few months. We have Hench-oween, Henchgiving (which is actually on the Friday after Christmas) and Henchmas every year. Here is the group at Henchmas last year. I love these people!

From Henchmas and Val Vista Holiday Hill

Picture Meme


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