Photo Meme day 14: a photo of one of your favorite family members

Today’s topic is timely. One of my favorite family members is my maternal Grandma. My Grandma is not doing very well. She is someone who has always been on the periphery of my life, someone I have known and loved, but not someone I’ve been able to spend lots of time with in my life. Unlike the rest of my mom’s brothers and sisters, I was born and raised far away from my grandparent’s home in southern Illinois.

My Grandma turned 88 this August, and is a fellow Leo. My Grandpa, her husband of so many years, passed away in 2004. Grandma is the last remaining Great Grandparent of Oliver and Landon. Oliver will never meet her. Landon has visited her once, but was most likely too young to remember her.

Grandma, despite the distance, did manage to be present in my life. I loved the box she and Grandpa sent every year for Christmas. Most years it included a dated Christmas ornament, which was something I always looked forward too, and those ornaments are something I treasure to this very day. The box always contained little odds and ends, but it came a week or two earlier than anything else, so those presents were always a complete mystery, and they were almost always the first under the tree. We always got a card for our birthday, and we talked on the phone to Grandma and Grandpa on a semi regular basis.

Once a year, at least, we would make a pilgrimage as a family to visit with my mom’s family. Most of the time when we visited, we stayed in the house with Grandma and Grandpa. They have a lovely home on a small street, complete with a basement. Grandma has always been loving and sweet to me. She is one of the few people who still call get away with me “Jenny.” Her home is full of the neatest knickknacks and bric-a-brac. She has a unique sense of style that I adore. She has always struck me as a very opinionated, strong, pertinacious person.

Grandma is in the hospital, and very ill. She may not be with us much longer. I’m praying for her to be happy and to feel comfortable, to be surrounded by her family and filled with love for these next few, most likely last, days.

I love my Grandparents dearly, and I have been blessed to have known them so well, to have happy memories of all of them.

My maternal grandparents:


Grandma, Great Grandma, Me, Landon Grandma, Great Grandma, Me, Landon
Great Grandma’s house Southern IL 5/08

Picture Meme


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