Photo Meme day 11: a photo of your favorite place

True confession time. I changed a couple of these days, like today. A photo of my favorite films seemed silly. I don’t know what I’d list, I usually end up saying Dune, Star Wars, or some other classic, but I really don’t have a stand out favorite film.

So instead, I am going to post a picture of a place I love to go, but that has been closed recently.
This is a picture of the falls that we used to hike to every time we went up to the cabin in Payson. I love how pretty everything is. I love the water, the rocks, the falls, the trees. I love exploring, enjoying the cool breeze and dipping my toes in the water. I love watching the kids clamber around and marvel at the tiny fish, or jump into pools of water.

Last year there was a bad forest fire. It almost burned down the cabin. The cabin was saved, but the falls, well, I don’t know. The whole area is closed off. I’m going to get daring one day and hike there anyway, if they don’t reopen the paths next year.

I really miss this place, and Ollie has never seen it. I fear what damage has been done by the fire.

the girls up on the falls

Picture Meme


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