Ollie letter 0.11

Dear Ollie-
I cannot believe that you are now 11 months and one day old. How time flies! You are an amazing little boy. You’ve had an exciting month!
On September 4th you spent your first night at Grandma’s house! You and your brother went out to play and had a good time. Mommy and Daddy had a date night. You have spent time with Grandma and Grandpa before, but this was your first ever overnight away from Mama! You did very well, although Grandma had a little trouble getting you to sleep that night. Once you did fall asleep, you slept for her just fine.

September 24th we took a mini vacation and went up to the cabin for a change of pace. It was so nice to get out of the 100 degree heat we’ve been having to enjoy some cooler weather. You really like the cabin. You crawled all around the floor and loved riding in the back pack for a few hikes. The drive up didn’t make you happy though. When we were about twenty minutes from the cabin you got very sad and began crying. You cried the rest of the way up there. You were also rather confused by the concept of long sleeves. We put you in a sleeper with sleeves because it’s cold at night at the cabin. You kept pulling on the sleeves, or holding your hands out in front of yourself so you could look at the sleeves. It was adorable.

You sleep pretty well most nights. You usually sleep through the night, although every once in a while you have a bad night for no reason that your father or I can puzzle out. You get a bath around 6:30 and head to bed around 7pm. You tend to wake up around 5:30AM. Most days you take two naps a day, but not always. Sometimes you only take one. You are still going to school two days a week, and spending the other days at home with your dada. You don’t like to be left at school, and you cry when your dada drops you off.

Your top front teeth are coming in! You’ve now got 4 whole teeth which you can use to eat. You still love to eat, and you love to make a mess. You are addicted to your pacifier still, I suspect weaning you off of it is not going to be fun.

You do not walk yet, but you can stand without holding on to anything for brief periods of time. You babble a lot, but still do not say Mama. I was impressed because the other day you learned how to walk a short distance with the walker toy! I’ve linked two videos at the bottom of this letter, one of you walking with the toy, and the other of you babbling. Hopefully the links still work when you are old enough to read this!

I love you with all my heart. Seeing your smile makes me happy to be alive.

Love always

The Boys

My boys

Lunch with Jack and Sam




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