Photo Meme day 3: a photo that makes you happy

This photo makes happy in a strange way. It’s a scary picture. Oliver is not well in this picture. But this is when I started to breathe again, when I started to have more than just hope and prayer again. For those of you who have recently started reading. This picture was taken when Oliver was very sick, and I had not held him for a week. He’s less than a month old, and this picture was taken shortly after they had removed the machine that was breathing for him. I was finally able to hold him.

But this picture (below) also sticks out in my mind, because it was around this time that I started to relax a little and not freak out about every little thing.

Happy and smiling Happy and smiling
Feb 4, 2010, Happy three month birthday!

But this is a picture that makes me smile, and reminds me of how much I love my little family:
Bobby and his boys

Picture Meme


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