Family history in Photos

There is a very long Kodak commercial that so encompasses how I feel about photos. I love photos, and I feel that they create a record of what has gone before for our children. I love old photos, and it makes me sad when I think about how many have come before that I know nothing about.

My great grandfather, Joe, immigrated to the United States with his wife and two daughters from Latvia. He got a job at Kodak, of all places. I’ve been told that at the time, Kodak actually had a “No Jews” hiring policy. He managed to avoid discussing or revealing his faith in order to get and keep the job at Kodak.

How awesome is this picture?


It has Landon’s great great grandfather, the affore mentioned Joe, in it. It has three generations in it. I only know what some of these people look like based on old pictures like this.

And then add in amazing pictures like this one, where I can see how my father’s memory and spirit is captured in my own children:

dad highchair

Pictures are so important to me. They are a family history to me. And that’s why I always have my camera. I’m so sorry if you are one of those people who dislikes having your picture taken. I’m sorry if the bright flash from my camera temporarily blinds you. But I hope this helps you understand a little bit more why I do what I do, and why I upload my pictures on the internet, back them up on my computer, and then back them up again to another server.


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