Payson trip Sept 2010

We had an excellent weekend at the cabin. Jamie, Gyan, and Emily joined us.
I’m pretty tired, so is Bobby, and we are both GRUMPY.

Anyway you can see all the Cabin trip pictures, if you so desire. We got some cute ones. Also, weirdly, there are about 10 pictures which actually contain me. I don’t mind my picture, however, since I am usually playing camera woman, I don’t turn up in them very often.


We put Ollie in long sleeves for the first time in a long time, and he had no idea what long sleeves were or what to do with them. He kept looking at them and pulling at them! It was adorable.

Landon and Em ran around and had a lot of fun. She didn’t like that Landon wanted to play video games the whole time. Landon didn’t like that Em wanted to color. The still got along really well.

We hiked The Houston Mesa Trail for a while, and checked out the Shoofly ruins, since the waterfall is still closed.


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