Landon 4.1

Dear Landon-
You are 4 years and one month old as of yesterday. You had a well check on August 25th. You are 41 inches tall and 41 lbs. They checked you your hearing and your eye sight, both of which were fine. You had been complaining of a “mouse in your ear,” which turned out to be swimmers ear. This is not surprising, as you love swimming. You were promoted in swim class this month! We are so proud of you. You are now a seahorse!

On September 8th we went out for a very special treat! You got to go out for Ice Cream for the very first time! A place called Sub Zero Icecream opened up, and they serve Soy icecream! You got watermelon mixed with gummy bears!

You are obsessed with Pokemon at the moment, which is total payback, because I was obsessed with pokemon when it first came out. You also like Video Games! You’ve really been enjoying watching Dada play video games as well. The two of you are playing Lego Batman at the moment.

Lots of love!


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