Ollie letter 0.10

Dear my little Ollie-man-

Today you are 10 months old! How time flies! We had you in for your 9 month check up on August 18th. You were 30 inches tall & weighed 24.3 lbs. Your head was 48 cm. you are in the 95% for height, weight, and head size.

The doctor also decided that you had a mild case of Pink Eye, which I can only assume you picked up from your older brother. She warned me that you might develop an ear infection from it. Sure enough, on Friday, right after the doctor’s office closed for the weekend, you spiked a fever. I ran you over to the urgent care, and they told me you had a double ear infection! You were rather grumpy for a few days, but I am happy to report that you are back to your normal self again.

On August 5th you began to pull yourself to standing. Now you are a little monkey who loves to climb. You like to pull yourself up on the chairs and beg for attention while I work. You can crawl everywhere and get into everything. You also are beginning to cruise by holding onto the couch and pulling yourself along. You are not yet taking steps unassisted, but I would not be surprised if you are walking before your first birthday.

You, however, so not yet say Mama. When I attempt to get you to say Mama, you will smile wide at me and say Dada. You seem to think this is very funny. You also say Baba, and seem to mean it in reference to your bottle. Yesterday your Dada worked with you until you could say Dog. I’m not sure you know what a dog is, but you say it very well! You do babble all the time, and it is adorable.

You are ticklish, and you love to laugh. You also laugh when your older brother laughs, which is pretty cute. You are beginning to develop a sense of humor. The other day at Laura’s you would offer me your pacifier, like you wanted me to suck on it. If I moved as if to put in my mouth, you would then pull it back and stick it in your mouth, while laughing manically. It was adorable. We are, however, looking to cut back the pacifier time you get each day. We used to let you have it all day, endlessly. Then we got a new cat, Tansy. She loves your binkies. She thinks they are the best toy ever, and has taken to stealing them. Because of the fact that they now disappear at an alarming rate, we are attempting to restrict you to only having a pacifier at bed/nap times. So far, it has been working out okay.

You love food and have yet to encounter something you don’t like to eat. You are getting much better at self-feeding. The only thing really hampering you right now is that you only have two teeth! You still take two naps a day, but it looks like you might be trending to one. You sleep through the night most nights, for which we are very grateful. You go to bed around 7pm and wake around 5:30 or 6AM. Today I was especially lucky, as you slept in till 6:10AM! You currently go to school two days a week, and spend the rest of the time with your Dada while I am at work.

Your father and I are having a slight disagreement on your hair. I think you look lovely, and I enjoy the Albert Einstein look you have. Your father thinks it makes you look like a hooligan. I expect we will end up cutting your hair sometime in the next few months. I’m pushing to wait until after you turn one.

You have the most amazing smile. You brighten our lives and fill our days with love.

Love always,


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