Well visit, illness, ears, zombie eyes

Landon had his well check yesterday (8/25/10). He is 41 inches tall and 41 lbs. They tested him for hearing and eye sight, both he passed just fine. Last Thursday he started complaining that he had a “mouse in his ear” Turns out he had a bad case of swimmers ear. He’s on track with everything, except for drawing. She wanted to know if would draw people in three parts. I told her he doesn’t draw at all, he prefers the computer over pen and paper any day. We need to work on his writing and coloring. Well, and his diet. He doesn’t eat veggies or a wide variety of things. Part of that is him being denied an entire food group, but a lot of that is him being a picky eater like I was.

Landon got 4 shots, including his Dtap booster. He was freaked out by it. Afterward, I realized that I hadn’t explained to him why he needed the shots. I feel bad about that. I explained it to him and he seemed to at least understand a little better. He’s done with shots until he’s 11, outside of the yearly flu shot.

I had the doctor peak in Oliver’s ears too, even though it was Landon’s appointment. Turns out one of his ears was not healing up, but starting to get worse. She prescribed a stronger drug for him too. Dr. Letiza is awesome that way.

Oliver crawls all over the place now without any issue, and pulls to standing on everything. He’s done a tiny bit of cruising, but not a ton.

Landon is doing very well overall, he’s obsessed with Pokemon at the moment. I told him he needs to learn to read so he can play the video game. His response was to ask me if I would play it with him instead. I wonder if it would be boring for him without the skill to read.

I am really addicted to the show Leverage right now. I’m on season 2 at this point, about halfway through. We watched the episode with Wil Wheaton last night. It was awesome.
Bobby has been sick as a dog for almost week now. He went to the doctor on Monday and the doctor told him it was a virus and to deal with it. When he woke up Weds his eyes were crusted shut. They looked like this all day yesterday:

He went back to the doctor and they finally gave him so drugs. He’s been hacking up his lungs, sore throat, and miserable.

I am really hoping Bobby feels better this weekend, I need a nap!

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