Ollie’s ears, Tansy added!

Last weekend we had Landon’s birthday party, which went swimmingly. Everyone seemed to have fun and enjoy themselves. I know Landon had a blast.

Wednesday at Oliver’s well check he got diagnosed with pink eye. I absolutely love Landon and Ollie’s pediatrician, Dr. Letiza. They do the well baby book program, where each well baby visit the child gets a free board book. She saved us a copy of “That’s Not My Dragon” because she knows we are gamers, because Dr. L is also a gamer. Anyway, she warned me that a lot of younger kids get pink eye, and it turns into an ear infection. Ollie has been fussy since the appointment, and his customary stuffy nose was worse. By Friday he was driving us up a wall. I think I also have pink eye, again, which is lame. Friday night Bobby was hosting his first Eclipse Phase game, which I was looking forward too. Instead, around 6pm, I picked up Oliver and noticed he was warm to the touch. A quick under arm thermometer later, and I’d confirmed a fever around 101.

I didn’t wait for anything, I grabbed Oliver and we headed out to Good Night Pediatrics. There is one less than four miles away. Oliver had a 102 degree temperature when they checked us in. His weight was around 11KGs, or 24.15 Lbs. The doctor there asked me what was wrong, and I told her I thought Ollie had an ear infection. She looked at me in disbelief, and asked me why would I think that? Was he pulling on his ears? I just shook my head and told her to check him out.

Sure enough, double ear infection. They wrote me out a prescription for amoxicillin and numbing drops. I dropped the RX off at Walgreens and took Oliver home. 25 minutes later I went back out to get the prescription. I pulled into the drive thru and the guy got the prescriptions. He was about to send them over to me when he paused, getting an odd look on his face. “Excuse me Ms. Mayer, but does Oliver weigh over 35 lbs?”

I told him no, Ollie weighs 24-25Lbs. He then told me something was wrong with the prescription, and would I mind waiting a moment. About 10 minutes later he told me they were still waiting to hear back from Good Night Peds. I told him I’d come inside. After about an hour, I asked him if me calling the doctor might help. He told me it might, as they had called the office and been told they were too busy to reply right that second, but that they would fax over the correct RX. I called and explained I’d been waiting for over an hour.

Finally they faxed it over. It turned out that the doctor had written the RX for a child weighing in at 24KGs, or 54 Lbs, instead of a kid who weighs 24 Lbs (11KGs).

I’d dropped off the RX at 7:15pm and come back to pick it up at 7:45pm. I left Walgreens at 9:15PM. None of this was the fault of Walgreens. I am very thankful they caught the doctor’s error, and that they worked diligently to fix it. I do understand that Good Night Peds was busy, and I will go there again, but overall, the waiting around was the fault of the doctor.

Ollie is still fussy this morning, but lacks a fever and seems much Improved from last night. I’m hoping he’ll be his normal self soon.

Needless to add, Bobby’s game was sort of canceled. In two weeks hopefully we will finally be able to play!

In other news, I went to the AZ Humane Society on Tuesday. There I met a bunch of cute kittens. In the end, I decided to adopt Tanzania, and bring her home with me.

She is spayed with all her shots. She’s going to the vet on Monday, because she has a “kitty cold” going on, which is fairly normal in shelter cats. She is four months old, born around the start of April 2010. She was brought in as a stray from the west side of Phoenix. She’s been highly affectionate and great with the kids. She likes to curl up in Landon’s bed at night with Landon. She’s approached Ollie, but leaves as soon as he gets rough. She hated Morocco when she first met him, but is slowly warming up to him.

We are calling her Tansy for short. The shelter had her name as Patsy, but she had been at the shelter for all of 2 weeks. She was on TV under the pets on parade segment on the news last week. I didn’t find this out until after I’d already started filling out the paperwork to adopt her. I pretty much knew I was taking her home as soon as I saw her. She is just such a sweet kitty.

Tansy 8/17/10

Tansy and Rocco
Latvia and colo

More pictures of the kids here.


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