Books day 27: Werecats

30 day Book Meme
Day 27 – If a book contains ______, you will always read it

There was a time , about six years ago, when the answer was pretty much anything supernatural. I used to bemoan my limited choices of supernatural romance. I’d pick up anything by anyone! And then suddenly the market exploded, and there is so much crap out there. Now I bemoan that anyone can toss a vampire into a crappy book and suddenly it gets published. There are a LOT of great authors out there, but now there is also more crap to wade through to find the good ones!
So, given this flood, I’m going to say Werecats. I can only think of four series that have some form or another of werecats. Please tell me if I’m missing any!
First off, we have the most awesome were cats ever, in the Shifters By Rachel Vincent. Her werecats are truly awesome. They live in prides and can shift into large cats, the size of panthers. They have a very interesting society, and are both born into being one via genetics, or it can be transmitted via bite as well.
In the Matrix of Destiny Series By Dara Joy , there are werecats who actually aliens. They turn into house cats. The series itself is very humorous. I highly recommend these books for any geek who also likes romance novels.
In The Breeds by Lora Leigh , the main characters aren’t really were cats. They are people who are genetically augmented with cat DNA. They have certain features like cats, but cannot shift form.
And of course, the Anita Blake books by Laurell K. Hamilton are full of werecats.

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