So my first workout was on June 1st. I work out on my lunch breaks at the gym at my work. They have this neat computer I can log into and it records the cardio part of my workout. It doesn’t always work correctly though.
I have been working out twice a week every week since June 1.

Here are the ones that the computer recorded:

Treadmill 6/3/10 10:59 0.71 miles
Treadmill 6/8/10 14:06 0.9 miles
Treadmill 6/10/10 20:57 1.3 miles
Treadmill 6/11/10 12:21 0.77 miles then Recumbent Bike 6/11/10 12:54 4.51 miles
Treadmill 6/17/10 7:39 0.47 miles then Recumbent Bike 6/17/10 15:19 5.57 miles
Treadmill 6/22/10 15:14 0.94 miles
Treadmill 6/28/10 20:00 1.2 miles
Treadmill 7/1/10 20:27 1.22 miles
Treadmill 7/6/10 20:42 1.23 miles
Treadmill 7/20/10 20:29 1.25 miles
Treadmill 7/27/10 20:00 1.23 miles
Treadmill 7/29/10 20:17 1.28 miles
Treadmill 8/5/10 20:17 1.24 miles
Treadmill 8/10/10 20:27 1.3 miles
Treadmill 8/12/10 22:06 1.43 miles

and today:

Treadmill 8/16/10 24:00 1.56 miles

So I am improving. I’m doing interval training in an attempt to be able to jog a 5K in October, and an 8K in February.

I’m not doing couch to 5K because the program seemed like way more of a commitment than I could handle and I kept coming up with excuses not to do it. I committed myself to twice a week, and I’ve managed to do that. I’d like to throw in some sort of workout on one day on the weekend as well.

I need to start working on my diet. I keep saying that, but I keep coming up with reasons not to bother. We’re done with birthdays until November. It’s not even a hard change. At this point, I’m eating low calorie breakfast. I have a cereal bar (90 calories) and a piece of fruit in the morning with iced tea. When I’m at work, I’m eating a frozen lunch, normally in the 300-400 calorie range. I’m eating about 250 calories in snacks at work. So when I get home, I’ve got 600 or so calories left in my day. But when I’m not at work, I’m just eating and snacking and not worrying about it.

I’m not working out to be thin, but I would like to be thin. The eating, that would be about being thin.


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