Landon letter 4.0

Dear Landon,
Happy(late) birthday! I cannot believe you are four years old. You’ve been in school at your current school for a whole year as well. They recently promoted you to the pre-K class, the Giraffes. You have a new teacher. You were sad to leave the Jaguar’s classroom and your teachers, Ms. Kim and Ms. Erica behind. You are doing very well in school, but you seem to have trouble writing. You have not yet figured out how to hold the pencil in order to get good point control. You also managed to get a case of Pink Eye from school!
We’ve recently begun talking a little bit about religion. We’ve had two cats put down in the last year or so, and you’ve sort of been upset by this. Drusilla got put down last week. You don’t quite seem to understand that she’s not coming home. I asked you if you knew who Jesus was, and you looked at me and said with a straight face, “Jesus is a watermelon.” I’m really not sure what that means. You’ve also taken to saying, “Oh My God.” We aren’t sure where you picked that up from. I’m trying to train you to replace the god for goodness or gosh.
We took Emily and you to Sunsplash this past month, as an early birthday present for you, and a late one for her. The two of you had a blast. You really enjoyed swimming in the wave pool, and were rather incensed that they made you wear a life jacket! You did get your very first sunburn as a result of this day, but it was mild enough that you didn’t peel.
Your Grandma stole you away for a trip up to the cabin in Payson with your cousins. You had a blast playing with them and exploring the areas around the cabin. You were very good for Grandma!
For your birthday, you requested that we take you out to get a snow cone. You really enjoy snow cones, which is nice because I love them as well. We also took you slot car racing.
Your birthday party went swimmingly, of course. Dada made you a car cake, and Aunt Melanie came over and decorated it. All of the food was gluten and dairy free. We have a wonderful time with all your friends and family!
You are growing and becoming such an adorable boy. I can hardly believe you will be starting kindergarten next year!
Lots of love,


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