insane, pink eye, car, museum, I lead a busy life :)

Thursday night dinner last week was awesome. Bobby made this chocolate cake that was so amazing. The center layer was a layer of chocolate truffles. It was so good.


Friday, was a day of insanity. We get up in the morning and get everyone loaded into the car. Bobby starts his car to take the kids to daycare, only the car sounds like its got a major issue with a belt or something. I steal Landon from his car and run Landon to school, leaving Bobby and Ollie to deal with whatever is wrong with the car. I get to work a bit late as a result, but no big deal. Bobby gets the van to the dealership, and they fix it, but Bobby is at home with Oliver and no car.
Bobby is also supposed to be making dinner for the game we host, so he was attempting to cook with whatever we had around. The food was great, but I know it was harder to make because he couldn’t hit the store.

I get a call from Landon’s school at around 3:15, but I don’t get the message until 4, as I’m leaving. They think Landon has pink eye and will I please come and get him? Bobby still has no car, so I call him and tell him to get Landon a doctor’s appointment ASAP. Landon’s doctor’s office is across town, but at least his school is on the way. I managed to go from my work, to his school, pick him up, and get to the doctor’s office in 40 minutes, during the start of rush hour. That was 25 miles of driving.

I really do love Landon’s doctor. She thought he did have pink eye, and gave us some drops. I told her Landon had been complaining that his eye hurt after getting some sun block in it a day or two before. She thought it looked like he might have had a mild irritation due to the sun block, which made him keep putting his hands in his eyes to rub it, which made him more susceptible to pink eye.

At least he’s not contagious anymore and is at school today.

Saturday we picked up Bobby’s car and hit Costco. Mel came over and watched True Blood, which was even more violent and gory than before.

Sunday we went to one of the local museums, and the kids seemed to have fun.

I’ve started trying to figure out where we are going to send Landon to school next year fo kindergarten and I am totally overwhelmed. Any advice would be lovely.

Pictures here


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