Books day 18: Psion

30 day Book Meme

Day 18: Favorite beginning scene in a book

The gem colored dream shattered and left the kid gaping on the street. Jarred by passersby and stunned by ugliness, he gulped humid night air. The dreamtime he had paid his last marker for was over, and somewhere in the street voices sang, “Reality is no one’s dream…”

A richly robed customer of the Last Chance suicide gaming house knocked him against a pitted wall, not even seeing him. He cursed wearily and fumbled his way to the end of the building. Pressure-sensitive pavement squares trailing him as he stepped into the funnel of an alleyway. Aching with more than one kind of hunger, he crept into the darkness to sleep it off.

And one of the three Contract Labor recruiters who had been watching nodded, and said, “Now.”

The above is the start of Psion By Joan D. Vinge.

It’s one of my favorite books, and the first in the series. The prologue to this book very much grabs your attention, and I love how much detail it conveyed in the opening paragraphs about the world. Without knowing anything, what book this is, what it’s about, you can tell some important details. You can tell it is set in the future. You can tell that “the kid” is in a bad situation, and in the bad part of town. You don’t know what Contract Labor recruiters are, but you can tell it’s not a good thing.

The prologue is also a great starting point for the story. It’s where things start changing for the main character. It hooks you from the start, and keeps you turning the pages.  The rest of the book is excellent as well!


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