Books day 15: Night Play

30 day Book Meme

Day 15 – Your “comfort” book

I’ve got a couple. They are my comfort books because I pick them up and read them even when nothing else sounds good. I love re-reading the first short story in the Alpha and Omega series, but I think my number one comfort book is Night Play.

The book is a very basic romance story, about a man named Vane who recently lost his sister, and was betrayed by his family, and also happens to be a werewolf, who meets a girl named Bride, who just got dumped. And they fall in love.

There is a scene in the book where Bride, realizes exactly what Vane’s love means, and how the rules of his world bind him to her, that just echoes through me every time. And I love the way Vane is aware of how screwed up everything is, and yet tries do things in a way that doesn’t endanger or scare Bride off.

It’s simple, it’s sweet. I enjoy reading it. So when I’m in a rut, or when nothing sounds like it’s worth reading, I’ll often pick this one up and reread it. I think I’ve read it once a year since it came out.


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