Ollie letter 0.9

Hello Oliver this is your dad. I know you do not get a lot of these letters from me it has to do with the fact that my editor is harsh and stomps on my creative license. You should be happy to know that you have inherited my level of creativity. This was best demonstrated this month when you combined the syllable Da with its antimatter counterpart syllable Da is such a way to not cause an explosion. That is not to say you did not get close your dear mother’s heart almost exploded with happiness. To celebrate this fact you and I exploded some sugar in a failed experiment that only you and I will remember. Just remember, girls think sugar burns are cool! Your food intake this month has been substantial. You seem to poses the innate ability to consume matter much like some sort of radioactively powered billy goat. As I type this you are currently chewing on the fireplace. If we no longer have a fireplace by the time you read this you will only have yourself to blame. Your sleeping until about 5:30 am in the morning on most days. I think you would sleep longer if you could find a way to sleep without folding yourself in half like a lawn chair and then trying to balance on your head. I think there is a good chance you will not remember this just for you we have taken lots of pictures. You went on your first run with me this month and seemed to enjoy the experience. That is to say you did not scream in abject horror during the ride. Believe it or not you complained a lot less during your first run then momma did during hers. As your crowning achievement for this month you managed to get promoted in Day Care from a Joey 1 to a Joey 2. I thought this means you are twice as tasty to any random coyotes. However, I was corrected by the Day Care staff and it apparently indicates that you can move twice as fast as a Joey 1.

Footnote from Mama-
Ollie, Your dada is attempting to tell you that I am a harsh editor, and he’s right. I fixed a few things, but mostly left the letter above as your father wrote it.
Today you are nine months old. You have a Well Baby check midmonth, and I’ll update with your height and weight at that point.
I did want to mention that you said Dada for the first time on July 28th. It really did make me incredibly happy. You were promoted to Joeys 2 on August 2nd, because you are now very mobile and crawl around quite a bit. You are in daycare twice a week, on Mondays and Tuesdays.
You go to bed around 7pm and sleep through the night most nights. You are addicted to your pacifier still. You love food. You are a sweet and amazing baby.
Love always,

Three things

1) HOLY CRAP!!!! WE WON!!! I am so happy!!! I really hope this step forward stays forward and gives more momentum to the movement. No one should be denied their right to find love and build a family because of someone else’s religious views.
2) I just posted a new article over at examiner, I’d appreciate a click today! Feel free to share around.
3) My friend Aswad just found out he’s not getting any more unemployment. If you get a chance, check out his blog. If you enjoy his work and can afford it, consider sending him a dollar for his rent?

Books Day 13: Animorphs

30 day Book Meme

Day 13 – Favorite childhood book OR current favorite YA book (or both!)

I love YA books. Probably more than a grown woman should. However, my most loved YA book series was totally Animorphs By KA Applegate. I own them all. And given that they came out in 1996, that means I was already in high school at that point. I started reading them when I was in college. I’ve read the entire series at least twice.

Animorphs is about five human children, and one alien child, who can shift into animals. The earth is being invaded by an evil alien species that crawls into your ear and takes over control of your mind. These kids get the power to fight the evil aliens, and that’s what they do. It’s an excellent series.
I think it might be a little bit dated, I remember they make jokes that reference things like the X Files and Xena. Since they are YA books, they read very quickly, but they also are very enthralling. They dealt with some very heavy issues, but made things accessible to a younger audience. Quite a few of my friends who were college aged or older read them and loved them.
As a child, however, I loved the Serendipity books, particularly Morgan Morning.

I loved how whimsical these books are, and the moral was usually something good. Landon doesn’t really like them.
I suppose, since we’re talking about children’s books, I should tell you about some of the ones we read to Landon that he loves, or that we all love.
Landon and I both love Goldbug, Little Critters Books, Bears in the Night, Animalia , and Little Hoot.