You say it’s your birthday!

So yesterday was my birthday! I sort of did a DILT light on facebook, which is fun, but here was the day in more detail.

The kids had school, so I took the day off work. My househusband and I went out and had breakfast at Dunkin Doughnuts, then went for a walk around Tempe Marketplace. We discussed what we wanted to buy Landon for his upcoming birthday next Saturday, and went window shopping at Target, although since they are now evil, we didn’t buy anything.

After that we went over to the Harkins and saw Inception. Inception was good, the ending pissed me off. The effects were stellar, so overall it still gets a good grade from me. I don’t want to spoil it for you.

For lunch we went and had teppanyaki at Ah-So, and I meant to get a picture of it but it was so tasty I just ate it. I love their fried rice, and something about getting a steak that rare but that hot is so tasty. I love it, and we rarely go there. Mind, one of the reasons we rarely go there is because sometimes the people they sit at the table with you are rude, and it makes the experience less fun. This was one of those times, but we didn’t let it ruin the meal.

There is both a Michaels and a Trader Joes in the shopping center that Ah-So is in. We took advantage of this and picked up a car cake pan for Landon’s birthday cake, and then hit TJ’s for some ingredients for dinner.

At this point we needed a break from the heat, so we went home and I goofed off on my computer while Bobby prepped me an awesome dinner and a delicious cake. Around 3 we went over to Toys R Us to buy Landon’s birthday presents. We got him some fake tools. Real tools are a bad idea. We saw this first hand when my older SIL gave our nephew a child sized, but real, hammer for his birthday one year. He promptly went outside and began pounding on things, including my SIL’s new car. Landon is also getting an RC car from us, although it’s a small, cheap one, and some playdough. We spent $100 on him. Also, for $5 on Bobby’s birthday we got him these great Wall-E wall decorations from the Disney Outlet store. I hope he likes his presents from us.

We knew that yesterday Landon was promoted at school, so his first day in the Pre-K class was on my birthday. He is now a Giraffe, and they are doing more things to help prepare him for kindergarten. He’s going to start kindergarten next fall! We are very proud of Landon. We were, however, surprised to discover that Ollie was also promoted, from Joeys 1 to Joeys 2. They babies move to Joeys 2 once they are considered “mobile.” Basically it means that Ollie is crawling around everywhere and able to get into things. I’m very proud of both my boys!

We got home and Bobby fed me a super cheesy casserole that was very tasty. Then he took Landon to swim class, and Oliver and I played around. I took a ton of pictures while trying to convince him to say “Mama” as a birthday present. He told me “DADA” instead.

Landon came home and the family sung Happy Birthday to me. The cake was extra tasty. We finally got the kids to bed, and Mel came over to watch the season finale of The Bachelorette. I liked the end, and thought they made an adorable couple. I really hope they last.

Mel gave me some Dice that I didn’t have, as they came wrapped in soap! It’s pretty cool. Bobby got me a neat card that was a picture book, and permission to get some family photos done in the near future, I’m setting up something for Aug 21 or 22 I think. Landon colored and glued a picture for me. My MIL sent me a gift card for books. Tiff gave me Maple Syrup from her trip to Maine.

Overall it was a great birthday!

Here are some pictures:

Rocking Baby Rocking Baby
Ollie 8/2/10
silly face silly face
Ollie 8/2/10
another silly face another silly face
Ollie 8/2/10
he's up to something, you can see the wheels turning he’s up to something, you can see the wheels turning
Ollie 8/2/10
Birthday cake Birthday cake

Evil Grin Evil Grin


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