Books Day 8: Born to Run

30 day Book Meme

Day 08 – A book everyone should read at least once

The very first book that came to mind upon reading today’s topic was Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen
By Christopher McDougall.
I’ve read a lot of books, but I can actually say that this book has created a change in my life.

I am not a runner. I would actually say that before I read this book I hated running. I thought all runners were loco. This included my beloved husband. Bobby read this book and told me I had to read it. It’s not normally something I would consider, but I did read it. And I loved it.

First of all, the book is well written. It is nonfiction, interesting, and entertaining. The author does a great job of interspersing interesting facts with compelling storytelling. You find yourself getting wrapped up in the stories of the runners, particularly one Caballo Blanco, semi crazy man who runs in Mexico with the Tarahumara. And Barefoot Ted is highly entertaining, not to mention all the trouble that some of these runners find themselves in.

Christopher McDougall also builds a very interesting argument about how great marketing from Nike might be hurting you and your running. He inspired both Bobby and me to begin “barefoot running” and to pick up some Vibram five fingers.

But here is the thing about this book, it did two things that changed me, my perspective, and even my health. The first thing it did is it helped me understand running, in a way I haven’t ever been able too. I understand now why people feel the need to run. Running makes sense to me. But do you know the most amazing thing that this book did for me? It made me want to run. I’ve never wanted to run in my entire life. I’ve been known to do just about anything to avoid running. And suddenly, I’m seven months pregnant, I’m reading this amazing book, and I want to run! I didn’t run, because, well, seven months pregnant, and asthma, and I hate running, but at the same time, I wanted too.

So, after I had Ollie, and life normalized, and things got on track, you know what I did? I put on my Vibrams, and I hauled my fat rear to the gym, and I started running. Oh, it’s slow, and I’ve only been working on it for two months. But I’ve been going to the gym twice a week and RUNNING every week for two months. My endurance is up, I’m feeling better, and I am slowly learning to enjoy my run.

Sometimes, I think part of it is the shoes. The shoes are comfortable enough that I wear them every day, instead of sandals. I don’t have to haul an extra pair of shoes to the gym, I don’t have to worry about socks, and I feel like I can go for a run whenever I want. I’m looking forward to summertime being over so I can try running outside! I’m on track to actually run a 5K in October. Oh, I’m not going to run it fast, but I will run more of it than I walk, and that will be a major accomplishment for me.

And I’m not joking when I say that this book is what started it all. Smart, funny, and inspiring, I think everyone should discover for themselves that we are all Born to Run.



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