Books Day 7: A Pirates Love

30 day Book Meme

Day 07 – Least favorite plot device employed by way too many books you actually enjoyed otherwise

I am so sick of historical romances where the female lead is taken aboard a ship, and put into the captain’s quarters to “protect her” from the villainous sailors. Then she is slowly seduced or succumbs to Stockholm syndrome, I’m never sure which.

The first book that employed this that I read was A Pirate’s Love , which wasn’t bad for an 1980’s romance, although I really do think the lead had Stockholm syndrome, not love.

Yet this same story is told over, and over, and over again, often times by authors I really like. Actually, all four books I’ve linked are authors I usually love. But I’m so sick of this story!

The one other thing that I see over and over again that drives me nuts is when the female lead gets pregnant after having sex for the very first time ever. I can’t even remember which books it happens it, because I try and just ignore it when it does occur.


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  1. Jaime
    Jul 29, 2010 @ 09:27:08

    I find that it’s kind of the same plot device in most romance novels. Some “fiery” woman…who really never strikes me as all that fiery or some delicate innocent…and some guy who is an asshole and determined not to fall in love or has some stupid “dark” secret. Ugh the angst. Dangerous is sexy. Self-recrimination and oh-woe-is-my-dark-life, not so much.

    My mom has literally hundreds of the books and to me they all read the same. I don’t really see the fascination. Even when the women start out relatively independant, they still kinda hand over the reins once they get their cherry popped. Ick.

    …okay, there was one I liked. Dancing on the Wind ‘cuz the lead female did try to take matters into her own hands head on and the guy was rather James Bond-y. I think in the end too, her sister was the one to beat the shit out of the bad guy rather than sitting back and letting the men take the lead. Not surprisingly, it’s my mom’s least favorite and she had no problem when I stole it.


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