Waterpark, Bobby’s 32nd Birthday, GAGAGOO!

Overall, we’ve had a fun past couple of days. Friday Mel came over and we watched True Blood. We are always an episode or two behind.

Saturday Bobby helped some friends moved, and Landon’s friend Bridget came over and played.

Sunday we took Landon and his friend Emily out for a birthday treat. I had won free tickets to Sunsplash from my work, so we put on swimsuits and sun block and spent the day in the water. The kids had a blast. Landon was upset that he had to wear a life vest in the wave pool, but the lifeguards were actually enforcing that rule, which impressed me. He told me, “I don’t need that, I can swim!” And he can. Bobby is thinking about taking him out of swim class, because his last two sessions haven’t been that good, and Landon isn’t enjoying it as much as he was. We are talking about putting him into some other class, maybe gymnastics or something. Emily was afraid of the water, the wave pool, and the slide at first, but we eventually talked her around to getting in the water and enjoying herself. She was even going down the kiddy slide at the end. I missed being able to go on all the big attraction though. We had lunch at the Castle, but brought a packed lunch for Landon, as they did not have any Landon safe food. The kids played some video games and won some toys.

Pictures of fun in the sun are here.

Sunsplash with Landon and Em

Our 16 year old friend Courtney came and babysat Oliver for us, and did a wonderful job. She’s very good with kids, and very responsible. Bobby let her drive our car home (with him in the car, of course) and says that she’s doing wonderful as a driver.

Once we got home I discovered Landon had his first sun burn. Bobby was lightly sunburned, although we did apply sunscreen in the middle of our four and half hour stay in the sun. I am burned the worst of everyone, even though I am the darkest skinned of all of us and the least prone to burning. Landon’s burn is, thankfully, almost healed at this point. He says it doesn’t hurt at all.

Oliver was his normal cute self this weekend. He is very happy overall. I need to just remember that he had such a rough start, and that might be why he’s taking to language a little slower than average. He’s finally started to use the “G” sound, and yesterday he talked to me using it all the time. Bobby says he’s been using the “G” sound reliably for almost a week, but it was my first time hearing it.
Here is a video of Ollie talking to me:

Oliver is really starting to get this crawling thing down. He’s getting pretty fast and doing very well at it. I am super impressed!

Yesterday was Bobby’s birthday, and for those of you that follow me on Facebook, you may have seen some of these. I took the day off work and went hiking and to the mall, and out to lunch. The kids had school, so it was a nice day with just the two of us. We had a good time.

We picked up the kids and went home, where I tried to make Bobby both a birthday cake and a birthday dinner. I failed so hardcore. Bobby managed to salvage the cake, and banished me from the kitchen so he could frost the cake without me messing it up. I have no idea why I was cursed in the kitchen!

Bobby's 32nd Birthday




Bobby lunch bday


From Sunsplash with Landon and Em
From Sunsplash with Landon and Em
From Sunsplash with Landon and Em

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