Books Day 4: Dune

30 day Book Meme

Day 04 – Your favorite book or series ever

There are so many good books, so many that I love, that it was very difficult to pick one. I toyed with a few, but since I am trying not to use the same few books over and over again on the list, I managed to narrow it down. I debated Old Man’s War, but I’ve only actually read the book once. I also looked at a lot of old favorites, but so many of them will be highlighted in other ways as I go through this 30 day project, that in the end I decided to go with Dune.

I was first exposed to Dune through the 1984 version of the movie. I watched that movie a lot as a child, although I’m not sure why my parents let me. In the fourth grade there was a reading challenge, and every 50 pages got you a sticker. I wanted to have the most stickers. This is how come I decided to read Dune for the first time. It was the thickest book I could find that actually interested me. It was also above my reading level, but I figured I’d seen the movie, I could muddle through.
I loved it. I mean, I’ve always loved the movie, but the book had so much more! There were so many things not covered in the movie! And the little details that I had missed out on really were so much cooler in the book, and it made the movie even better.
I’ve read Dune more times than I can remember, although not in the last 10 years, so perhaps it just seems better than it actually was. I’m going to have to dig out my copy and re-read it again soon. I can tell you that I was disappointed with the sequel books, and that I haven’t read the prequels.


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