What do little boys read anyway?

A friend of mine has a little boy, and she was writing today about what books she was attempting to amass for him to read when he was older.

This got me thinking of books for boys in the range of where Landon is now (almost 4!) to when he’s elementary aged. Basically I’m looking for books that I would recommend to him between now and the time he’s a sixth grader. By the time he’s in the 6th grade, I hope he’ll be on his own to pick books. Yes, the books are for Ollie too, not just Landon.

A lot of what I read at that age was gender orientated, so I’m looking for things that boys might really like that maybe I missed?

For example, I do not really like sports or trucks. Landon’s favorite books? Books about Trucks. He loves the Trucktown books we’ve been getting from the library, and also loves the Robot Zot book we got at the library. Robots? Also not really my thing.

So what do you think should be required reading?

Here are some suggestions I had or gleamed from people’s comments on my friends post:
Tales of the Fourth Grade Nothing
James and the Giant Peach
The Witches
The Belgariad and The Malloreon (David Eddings)
The Chronicles of Narnia
Wayside School series
Manic Magee
Where the red fern grows
When the Tripods Came
Harry Potter
Percy Jackson
Choose your own adventure.
A Wrinkle in Time
The Dark is Rising (Susan Cooper)

Please make suggestions!


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