Bobby and I took a vacation from gaming with one of our two groups around the time we had Ollie. They played a steampunk game, and I didn’t have a ton of interest in, and we were aware that we would be stressed and tired with a new baby. We host our other game, so people come to us, and that makes it easier.

Anyway, I found a Deadlands adventure that I’ve been wanting to run, so I put together a group to play it. I’m already over the “recommended playing size” for the adventure, which will make it harder to run, but I will manage. I’ve got people already working on characters and our first game in on July 2nd!

I love running Deadlands, its such a fun game. I’ll keep you posted as to how it goes. I’m running Deadlands Reloaded: Savage Worlds, The Flood adventure.

So far it looks like my players will have the following characters:
-Voodoo practicing bounty hunter
-Taoish faith healer
-Crusty Prospector
-Sniper Bounty Hunter
-English Noble
-Jack of all trades
-Ghost rock sniffer
-Holy warrior


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