Landon letter 3.10

Dear Landon-

You are 10 months and 3 years old. I am just amazed at how fast you are growing up. You really do have a knack for technology! You love to play video games. Your current favorite game is Plants Vs. Zombies. The other day you told me that you wanted to “catch the zombies so I can Rule The World” and followed it up with something similar to an evil laugh. I was very amused. You talk about Zombies now.

You are quiet the drama king in the mornings. Everything has to go exactly right on a school morning, or you end up just a puddle of upsetness. The school assures us that you perk right up after Dada drops you off, but it’s so hard to manage some mornings.

Swimming is going, well, swimmingly. I’m going to say it, you can swim. You can swim to the side of the pool, or you can swim out to me. You can swim for as long as you can hold your breath. Once you run out of breath though, you better have something to grab on to, because so far you have been unable to get your head above water without grabbing something. You still can’t tread water or hold your head up out of the water. But you can sure move around in the water without too much issue! If we got you some gills you would be set!

We love you very much!


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