I really am trying to get healthy.

When we went to the cabin last time, and we hiked down to the bottom of Natural Bridge, I realized that in just three years, I’m going to have a very fit husband, a hyper little six year old boy, and a three year old boy, all of whom were going to have triple my stamina. Something needs to change.

I’m not into physical activities. I eat what I want, and pretty much however much I want. I like hiking, and I love swimming and playing with my boys. If I want to keep up with them for the next 18 years, I’ve got to get off my rear end.

I did my health check last month, and my cholesterol is a little high, and my BMI is high. So beyond wanting to keep up with my boys, it would be nice to get those numbers down. I’d rather not die the same way my dad did.

And of course, I want to look better, thinner, and fit into some of my older, cuter clothes.

So last week I started working out at the gym at my work again. I’m trying (Thanks to the book I read while pregnant called “Born to Run”) to take up running. Running isn’t something I’ve ever enjoyed before. I’m trying a new take on it. In the book, someone said, “Make it easy, and if that’s all you get, that’s pretty good.” Or something like that. So I’m starting out easy. I’m doing intervals, 3.5 MPH for 1 minute them 4 MPH for 1 minute. I walk the 3.5 and jog the 4. In the future I hope to transition to more running/jogging and less walking.

Due in part to Bobby not working, I’m also trying to adjust my eating. I’m trying to bring my lunch 3 days a week. That leaves me one day a week to eat out with a friend, and three days a week to work out and bring my lunch. I’m hoping to start lowering my calorie count by bringing my lunch, and maybe even start counting calories again.

Here’s hoping I can stick to this. I really do need to make a change here.