A job on the side

Most of you who follow me around the internet already know this, but I wanted to share the news here, on my public blog as well.

I’ve started writing for examiner.com

I am a Love and Marriage Examiner. The concept of my column is to write article to help illustrate that as long as two people are both willing to work on the relationship, there is no reason for a marriage to fail. I’m attempting to provide articles that support that theory as well as tools to help keep couples together long term.

It’s a lot of fun to write for them. I’m enjoying coming up with topics and the like. I do get paid by traffic, so you stopping by and reading the articles is very much appreciated. Comments on the articles are also nice as well.

If you want to write for them as well, and you list me as a referral, I do get a bonus, so let me know, and please GO READ.


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