Overall things have been going pretty well. It was a weird weekend though. Friday we didn’t have anything planned, which was pretty weird. We got in the pool with the kids and had a relaxing evening. Landon is getting better at swimming. He can swim from point A to point B under water, and he can grab the side of the pool and pull himself up. But he can’t keep his head above water, not while swimming, not while treading water, just not at all. I think it’s cause he has such a huge head! Seriously, it worries me a little because he has no fear of the water anymore, but I don’t feel comfortable that if he fell in that he could get to the side on his own yet. Still, he’s made major progress. Oliver loves being in the pool and floating around.

Saturday we hit Spinato’s for lunch with Uncle Sam and Uncle Jack, before hitting a store and heading home. Sunday we didn’t leave the house. That’s just weird for us. We did spend more time in the pool.

We’re still having issues with Oliver and constipation, which is partly due to the solid food, I know. He’s getting purees at least once a day, sometimes up to 3 times. We gave him some cheerios the other day, but he has trouble picking them up to get to his mouth. He enjoys bananas, when he can manage to get them to his mouth as well, and he loves his teething biscuits. Next time we are out we’ll get more pureed prunes for him and hope it helps.

I’m a little worried that Oliver doesn’t talk yet. I expected to have a “dada” and “mama” at this point. I know it doesn’t mean anything and that I shouldn’t be stressed, but I am. I have been trying to really focus on talking to him, and it would help I think if we mixed up his bedtime routine to include some books. We read Landon about 6 books most nights, as part of his bedtime routine. He gets three from mom and three from dad. I don’t remember how old he was when we started this. Ideally I’d like to just combine book time, but I’m not sure how to do that. Oliver eats right before bed, and I want to change that as well, so he eats, then bathes, then book, then bed. At the same time, he JUST started sleeping through the night, do I really want to mess with his routine?

I don’t want to post spoilers or anything, but I am really not liking this season of Dr. Who, which makes me very sad.