Ollie letter 0.7

Happy 7 months Ollie man!
On May 19th you had your well baby visit. You were 28 inches tall, weighed 21.13 lbs, and your head was 46 CM (18 inches). The doctor thought that you were getting too much in the way of liquids, (you still get formula and frozen breast milk, although you can only have frozen for another two months, and then it will all either be gone or have gone bad). You were drinking between 40-50 oz a day. We’ve introduced more solids since then.

You love to eat! Now that it clicked and you understand how to eat, you enjoy doing it. You love “Mangos and Pears” baby food, but I haven’t seen much you don’t like anymore.
You do this adorable little thing where you lean forward and open your mouth wide, and chase after the spoon. Then you do a little head bob and snap your jaws like a little pac man to catch the food. It’s adorable. You also enjoy gnawing on everything. You like your biter biscuits and your rice num nums, and you like bananas, but I think that the slipperiness of them confuses you a little. I’m hoping to expand your diet more this month.

You started sleeping in your own room this month. After about a week or two of being in your own room you even started sleeping through the night. You don’t sleep every night, but you do most nights. You go to bed at around 7, after a bath and a full bottle. You sleep until around 5AM most mornings. I look forward to you sleeping till 7AM, but I think it might be a while, as your older brother doesn’t sleep that late yet.

You did have an MRI early this month. It was very stressful, but went well, and your results were normal! I’m very happy about the normal results, as it gives me hope that you will not have any lasting effects from your brush with death at such a young age.

You like to splash in the water, and you enjoy getting in the pool most of the time. You like to reach for toys and play with your toes, although you don’t stick your toes in your mouth very often. You are still lacking teeth.

Overall, all I can tell you is that you take your time and do things at your own pace. You are mostly happy, assuming you are kept fed and are not constipated. You fell asleep in my lap at a very noise Thursday night Hench dinner last night, which was adorable.

You light up my life.

Love always,


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