Landon Letter 3.9

Dear Landon-
You are three years nine months and two days old, and yes, I’m a couple of days late writing to you. But I have a most excellent reason! We were at the cabin on Friday! And you do so love going to the cabin. We went on a hike down to Natural Bridge, and you walked the whole way. It was nice not having to carry you. You did get tired and take a rest, but you drank a bunch of water too, so that is good! You also spent a lot of time at the cabin playing Mario Party on the Nintendo 64 with Damia, Darion, and Elaira.

In the van, you have a DVD player. For the drive to Payson you wanted to watch “Horton Hears a Who.” Your father and I quickly discovered that you like to skip huge sections of the movie though. We realized this when we had only been in the car for about 20 minutes, yet you were to the end of the movie. Despite this, you watched it over and over again until we arrive, 90 minutes later, at the cabin.

When we go to Costco, you will be good as long as when we are done, you can go to the tire center and see the cars. You love to watch people work on the cars and to see cars without their tires. When we were there this month, you told me that when you grow up, you want to be a “Wheel Man!” I found this to be adorable. You really do love your cars, but not as much as you are beginning to love your computer.

I think, if you had the choice, you’d spend all day on the computer. You love to play games, and can sit for hours and interact with it, if we let you. Your laptop broke this month and that left you begging for any computer games or ipod games we would let you play. Your Dada finally set you up with a desktop computer. We went out and bought a little cars table to set up in the main room and put your computer on it. You really like it. When I told you we were going to the cabin you then asked if you could take your computer with you. You were pretty sad when I told you No.

I think you might be left handed. If you aren’t then you just haven’t settled on a hand yet. I still see you using both hands a lot, but I think you are using your left hand more than your right.

You did have a bout of illness this month, but it was only three days and mostly a fever. You spent most of that time lying in bed and watching TV.

You are doing well in swim class. Your Dada loves to take you to swim class, and he thinks you are improving. We did get in the pool at home, but it was rather cold. I’m thinking this week it maybe warm enough to swim more often. I’m hoping that once we start getting in the pool regularly, you will get the hang of swimming on your own. Currently you still can’t actually swim, which worries me, because I don’t want you to get into trouble in the water.

At night before bed, we read you books, of course. You still really like the Little Critter books by Mercer Mayer. You can now also read “Bears in the Night” out loud. (Go memorization!) This makes me happy as it was the first book I could “read” the same way you read it. Your favorite TV is Team Umizoomi, which is nice as your little brother likes it too. You were so sweet to Ollie and you gave him back his Binky when he dropped it the other day. I love that you are good to him, but mostly you ignore him.

You are getting so big! I can barely believe you will be four years old soon. I am so proud of you and all the things you can do. You are a wonderful little boy. I’m proud to be your mama.

We love you very much!

Love always,

From Cabin Trip May 2010

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