The Milk Out

Anaphylactic and life-threatening reactions to milk are real.
If you see Landon eating or drinking, be sure its safe for him. His milk allergy is real. It’s scary, and it’s probably life long.

So far, we’ve been lucky that he hasn’t had a life threatening reaction yet. Hopefully he never will.

Please, think about Landon and other child with allergies when you take your kids to the park. Don’t let them play on the equipment with food or drink in their hands. Make sure the cheese burger wrapper from your or your family’s food gets in the trash, not left where someone with a wheat allergy or milk allergy might come in contact with it. Don’t offer food to other people’s children without their permission.

The people at Oregano’s provide the kids with uncooked pizza dough to play with while they sit and wait for food. The first time we went with Landon, we asked what was in the dough. They told us it had butter in it. Now when we go, I decline the dough, and the hostess looks at us like we are so mean to not let our son have the dough. It’s not about being mean, it’s about saving his life. Also, free samples, all the ones I turn down and get looks like I’m nuts. I wish people were more aware of food allergies in general.

And sometimes I wish I could put a big tattoo on Landon’s head to help cut the risk.

We read the Little Critter books by Mercer Mayer. I love them and so does Landon. In the book “Just Lost” the little critter gets lost at the mall. A security guard takes him to his office and feeds him juice and donuts while he waits for his mom to come find him. At this point I stop, and Landon and I have to have a talk about how he can’t eat the food the security guard might offer him, as it will make him sick. I fear this situation actually happening to us. I fear helpful or kind souls who offer my son a treat to comfort him or make him happy. I fear they may accidentally make him sick or take him from me by poisoning him.
Landon loves Team Umizoomi, and I enjoy the show as a kids show too. However, they have an episode called “The Milk Out” which is all about how they can’t eat breakfast because they don’t have milk. They also have an episode devoted to Ice Cream and one about buying Yogurt. All of these episodes require further discussion.
Landon loves the episode with “The Cows” (the milk out) but we finally just deleted it, because it makes him want milk.


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