poor sick little Landon

Saturday morning Landon awoke in a grumpy mood, and upon further inspection, spiked a fairly high fever. No, I can’t tell you the number, we don’t normally bother with numbers. He feels hot to the touch and he’s miserable, he gets meds. If the meds don’t bring the fever down, then I worry about exact numbers. All weekend, while on Motrin, Landon would act grumpy and tired, but would interact and play. When not on Motrin, he would lay in bed and sleep or watch TV. We kept him dosed all weekend. He didn’t eat much but he had lots of popsicles and drank lots of fluids.

Ollie, on the other hand, was fine except his nose was stuffy again. That boy is the king of stuffy noses. No word on his MRI results yet.

As a result of Landon being ill, we spent the weekend at home. My mother’s day was still good. Bobby got me Pei Wei’s for lunch, and I had a coupon for a free Mother’s Day meal. For Dinner Bobby made me to die for steaks cooked to perfection in Truffle oil and with a dipping sauce that was the best thing I put in my mouth. As a side we had these delicious Potatoes Augratin. Dessert was chocolate cake and ice cream. Mel stopped by Sunday and we watched one episode of Tudors. Bobby’s parents also stopped by and Mickey loved her Mother’s Day present. (I got a cute card drawn on by the kids and I got my iPod touch last month)

The last two or three episodes of Supernatural have been so good. I can’t recommend this show enough. The commercial for last week’s episode gave me shivers it was so good. I’m really looking forward to the season finale this week.

Monday morning Landon was still fevered. Ollie was still stuffy, but probably okay to go to school. In the end, I just worked from home and kept them both home with me and Bobby. At around Noon his fever broke and suddenly he was just fine. It was like someone flipped the switch from Sick to Well.

Last night Oliver slept in his room for the first time. He woke up at 2:30AM to be fed, and awoke at 4:30AM and Bobby moved him to his swing. (The swing is still in our room). That’s basically a normal night for him, so sleeping in our room apparently didn’t have any effect on his sleep cycles. Still, it was nice to have our room back! And to be able to get into my closet was nice too. (Oliver’s crib blocked the way in, so it was very hard to access it,)

I think Landon might be left handed. He uses the mouse with his left hand. He’s always sort of used either hand when eating, and he doesn’t really like to color or draw. He does love the computer. His Laptop broke again and he’s been begging to play the other computers. He also loves to play games on the iPod touch. Bobby set up an old desktop for him to play with, but he initially set it up in Landon’s room. Bobby and I talked about it and agreed that we don’t want Landon having internet access in his bedroom at this age. We bought a cute little Cars table and move the computer out to the living room for him to play at. He’s thrilled.


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