Ollie MRI

MRI is done!

MRI was sucky, but not horrid. Ollie could have formula before 1AM, and breastmilk up until 3:30AM, so I got up at 2:45 AM and made him a breastmilk bottle. Then I put him back to bed.

He was happy and in good spirits this morning. We dropped Landon off at school and then went to the hospital. Grandma Mickey met us there. Ollie was just starting to get hungry when we got called back. They checked his vitals and asked us questions. Finally they took him back and gassed him and put in an IV at around 8:25. At 9:30 they called us back and he was already coming out of it. They didn’t want us to feed him for fear he would throw up, but he was starving. We gave him 2 oz of pedilite, and he still wanted more food. We finally talked the nurse into letting us feed him. I was a little annoyed because the nurse was fine if I wanted to breastfeed him, but didn’t want me to give him formula. I’d only brought formula because it’s hard to prepare frozen breastmilk on the go.

Anyway, Ollie ate a whole bottle and was fine after that. They let us leave the hospital at 10AM.

Results late next week.


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