More on SB1070

Part of the problem too is that we are asking our police to do their job as their police and also to do the job of ICE agents. It doesn’t seem like a good idea to ask them to double up.

 Another reason I’m Anti SB1070

From the article:

If you’re Hispanic in Maricopa County, Sheriff Joe’s goons have probable cause to arrest you on suspicion of being undocumented. Hey, they can always release you later.

That’s the word from the elephant’s mouth after an MCSO raid on four area McDonald’s yesterday that netted an American citizen, Viridiana Ramirez, who was cuffed and held for four hours as she pleaded with MCSO thugs that she was born in this country and could prove it.

What was Arpaio’s response to the news that his Kris Kobach-trained deputies has violated the civil rights of a single mother and terrorized her no end?

“That’s just normal police work, ” he shrugged in a news conference following the raid. “Sometimes you do have probable cause, you do take people in for questioning, and they’re released.”

So it’s arrest ’em if they’re brown first, and sort ’em out later. False arrest and imprisonment be damned.

more at the link above.


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