Where I stand

I was asked to talk about my politics and SB1070 in particular, so I’m going to.

I’m pretty liberal. I firmly feel that you should be able to live your life however you see fit, as long as you harm none. I think laws and government should be there for public safety reasons, to provide infrastructure, and to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

You get some pretty weird stuff that way. I think, for example, that all drugs should be legal. If you are silly enough to put it in your system, that’s your problem. I also think that the drugs should be sold (and taxed) only by the government. Solves the war on drugs and the budget crisis. I also think that doing any drugs that mess with your judgment (including alcohol) while you are the person primarily responsible for the care of the child or while driving a car should be against the law. (protecting those who cannot protect themselves). I’m pro choice. I’m pro healthcare for all. I’m anti-smoking in public or around children. I’m anti-war. I’m pro freedom of religion. I’m pro gay marriage.

I’m anti SB1070 in AZ

We already have laws against people coming into this country illegally. I’m fine with that. I am pro immigration through legal means. I would greatly prefer we not have people here illegally, especially people who are dangerous or a “drain on the system.”

I’m not fine with people being able to Sue the Police if they don’t check. The problem is that this law makes it more difficult for a police officer to do their job. It required them to take certain steps, and if they don’t, they risk being sued.

I’m not fine with requiring that people visiting this country carry paperwork with them at all times that shows they are here legally or they will be imprisoned. Given that, I’d personally not want to visit this state from another country out of fear.

And if people are upset over the law, and don’t want to visit our state, I’m okay with that too.
“It’s not unprecedented, having to carry around your papers. It’s the same thing free black people had to do in 1863!” – Jon Stewart on Arizona’s harsh new immigration law.


Also, it’s opening the doors for laws like this one:


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