Landon letter 3.8

Dear Landon-
You are three years and eight months old! You can count to thirty, but you always skip the number 15. You have some of your books memorized to the point you can almost “read” them, such as Go Dogs Go and The Foot Book.
You started the month with the Ear infection that would not end. We had to do another round of stronger meds. You liked taking the medicine only if you were promised candy afterwards. You are fairly bribable that way. For candy, or a toy, you will often behave very well. On the other end of the spectrum, you will stop misbehaving if threatened with losing computer time. You do so enjoy playing games on the laptop.
School continues to go well, and you are slowly making progress at swim class as well. I really hope you get this swimming thing down soon! I would feel better going into summer if you could handle the pool better than you did last year. You always enjoy getting in the water, but you just don’t swim yet. I think part of it might be that you sink like a stone, as your father does. Part of it is also a bit of a lack of bravery on your part. You are “scared” to try new things in the pool. You don’t want to jump into the water, for example.
Your very best friend Emily spent the night for two nights this past month. You two had a blast playing together. You two do fight sometimes over what to watch. Emily always wants to watch Monster Trucks. You want to watch other trucks though.
You are starting to get the hang of being a Big Brother. You are learning to interact with Oliver and to share some toys with him, although you still have major issues sometimes. For example, we went to Red Robin, and Dada asked you if you would share your orange slices with Ollie. You told him NO! A couple of minutes later, Dada asked you if he could have one, and you gave it to him. You then melted down completely when I gave the orange slice to Ollie to play with. You were fine sharing with Dada, but not with Baby Brother.
I took you out to the movies a couple of weekends ago to see “How to train your dragon.” You really seemed to enjoy it and you were very well behaved. It was cute to watch you, because a couple of time you got a little scared and would cover your eyes. I am not sure where you learned that, because, while I do it all the time, I don’t do it while watching anything I would watch if you were in the room.
We did have one scare this past month. We went to Holly’s third birthday party. We planted a really pretty flower to take home. You were doing really well with not eating anything, and I was pretty trusting of you. We had a long conversation on the way to the party about how you were not to eat anything that I did not give you. Apparently I was too trusting. You came running up to me with something in your mouth. My heart totally stopped. I managed to fish it out of your mouth, and it smelled fruity and sweet, so I was pretty sure it didn’t have milk in it. Still, we went on a wild chase to find the little girl with the box of candy. It was a mentos of some kind, but it was THANKFULLY Dairy free. I loaded you up and gave you a long talking to on the way home about your allergy, about hospitals, and needles and other scary things. I really hope that you learned your lesson on this milk free candy and we will not have to panic again.

You are very special and amazingly bright. You stun me sometimes with how intelligent you are. You have such bright future ahead of you. I can’t help but to be proud of you all the time.

We love you more than words can every express. Thank you for being my son. Thank you for being in my life.

Love always,


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