Media dump:

Last weekend (Easter Sunday) I took Landon out to see “How to Train Your Dragon.” Landon really seemed to enjoy it, which was rather nice. He was scared at a couple of points and was covering his eyes. He was well behaved. I have to say that I really liked the movie. I enjoy taking Landon to go see movies, and it was fun to see one that I was actually interested in. It’s a kids movie, to be sure, but it appealed to my inner geek, and was very fun.

Bobby and I watched the “Sherlock Holmes” movie that had just come out on DVD. I enjoyed it, but I didn’t love it. To be honest, it didn’t feel very Sherlock to me. Also, I could have done without them giving Sherlock such an aggressive personality disorder. I’ve not read the books (I know, it’s a crime) but it just seemed wrong and out of character to me. Overall, most of the movie was fun.

My favorite TV shows are currently Dr. Who and Supernatural. Supernatural has been AWESOME the last two episodes. I wasn’t fond of the zombie kid episode a few weeks back, but I loved the last two. This show is seriously one of my favorites. It may also help that Sam and Dean are so hot. I’m totally a Dean Girl. I love the way they are handling the interplay between heaven and hell. This season has been awesome. (Although my favorite episodes are the ones with the Prophet in them)

Dr. Who has been interesting. We’re two episodes in. I have to say that I love Amy Pond, the doctor’s new companion. I’m not sold on the New Doctor quite yet. They cut some of my favorite things from getting a new doctor. I always love watching them dress for the first time in whatever their “outfit” is to be, but it was just weird this time around. Also, the new doctor is a bit more an ass than I like. I miss 10. I’m trying to give myself some more time for 11 to grow on me. I often don’t like a new doctor for the first few episodes. They take time to get used to. I also feel the style of it has changed to be a little more steam punk. I don’t love steam punk. I don’t think that we need that in my doctor who. I’d say more, but I’m trying to stay spoiler free. On the other hand, I’ve loved all of the episodes that Steven Moffat has done. (But thinking back, he’s the one with the clockwork people, so the steampunk shouldn’t be a surprise)

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