Easter was good, but my friends are the best

This weekend was okay.
Friday Bobby was helping a good friend of ours with a family emergency (and a long stay at the hospital with said friend’s family), so we ended up missing our Rockband date with Melanie. This worked out well for me, as Mel came over and helped me get Oliver to bed, then stayed and talked with me till around 2AM. Bobby got home around 2AM from his adventures in hospital land. Landon spent Friday at Grandma’s house.

Saturday Landon went to an Easter Egg hunt with Grandma. I am hoping see the pictures Aunt Heather took. We picked Landon up and hung out with Grandma for a bit on Saturday.

Sunday we were homebodies, which was a nice change. We had a pleasant Easter, very uneventful. (Well, except for the whole Earthquake thing, with the pool water going crazy)

I am very thankful for my friends. I was happy we were able to help our friend with the family emergency. I was very impressed with everyone’s willingness to assist.