Ollie 0.5

Dear Ollie,

You are 5 months old today! It’s been a pretty big month for you this past month. Also Happy first Easter!

The biggest change that has occurred in the past month is that Mom went back to work. As a result, you have started school. You are in school 4 days a week, and so far you are doing great. They love you at school. They tell me how happy you are all the time. Every day you get a report card that tells me when you slept and how you ate for them. In the comments section, it’s always about how wonderful you are.

Ollie is a happy baby

It is hard for me to leave you, but I do love my job, and I like us to be able to afford nice things. I know you are being well cared for, and you really do seem to enjoy your time at school.

You have been sick, unsurprisingly, for a lot of the last month. You got Bronchollitis again. Once again you refused to eat. In the end, I took you to the emergency room for your second time. This time the concern was dehydration, as you had not eaten much of anything that day. The doctor diagnosed you with your second ear infection, and basically told me to force feed you via syringe fluids. After one syringe full, you decided you didn’t like that very much, and resumed eating. It is with much trepidation that I report that the last four days you have seemed mostly healthy. A tiny bit of snot in your nose, just a little stuffiness. You are off all your medications right now too, so hopefully you will spend the rest of spring and all of summer being healthy!

You also started solid foods this month! We started them early because of the reflux issues you had been having, but I recently weaned you back off the reflux meds and you are doing fine. In the meantime, you’ve had Rice Cereal on March 17 and after a few feedings of that, we added in Carrots. You love the carrots. You get excited about the spoon, and you open your mouth wide. You eat more of it than you spit out. You are so cute!

You can now roll from your back onto your tummy! This started about a week ago. I am so excited that you can do this as it is the first step towards mobility! You are adorable when you do it, because after a minute on your tummy you get annoyed that you can’t roll back yet! This has also resulted in you finally being able to sleep on your side, which is your preference. Almost as soon as I lay you down, you flip onto your side and stay there for most of the night. You are still not sleeping through the night. You wake up at least once around 1am-2am timeframe to eat 8 oz of food. Sometimes you wake up one or two more times and either need to be soothed back to sleep, or you get moved to sleep in your swing.

You do still use a binky, mostly to sleep. I am not looking forward to weaning you off that. You also are still sleeping in our room!

Your big brother loves you, and you worship him. You like to watch him and talk to him. The other day when I picked you up from school Your older brother walked over to you and said, “I love you baby Oliver.” And then he kissed you on the head. Too cute!

You have the best smile. You really are a happy baby. I love the way your face lights up when you smile. I can play with you and talk to you. My favorite is when you coo at me and smile at me. You are a wonderful little boy, and we are blessed to have you in our family.

Love Always,


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