Sick Dada, but decent weekend

We had a bit of a stressful weekend.

Gyan was having a minor surgery, so we picked Emily up from school when we got Landon on Thursday and took her to Thursday night dinner, which was great. We celebrated another friend’s birthday.
Friday night Bobby and I had Em again, she’s such a joy. Our furniture arrived, and Bobby and I set about putting it together while the kids watched Monsters Inc. (see couch construction photos here:

We got the couch put together before heading to bed that night. In the morning, I got up with the kids. Bobby got up around 9, and felt like crap. He was puking and hurt all over, so he went back to bed. I took Em home and went to Costco.

At Costco I got the run around on Columbia’s valley fever meds AGAIN. I came home and called the vet who blamed the pharmacy. The vet called the pharmacy and got it straightened out.

I took Landon to Holly’s third Birthday. We had a blast at the party. We planted a really pretty flower to take home. Landon was doing really well with not eating anything, and I was pretty trusting of him. Apparently I was too trusting. Landon came running up to me with something in his mouth. My heart totally stopped. I managed to fish it out of his mouth, and it smelled fruity and sweet, so I was pretty sure it didn’t have milk in it. Still, we went on a wild chase to find the little girl with the box of candy. It was a mentos of some kind, but it was THANKFULLY Dairy free. I loaded Landon up and gave him a long talking to on the way home. Hopefully that won’t happen again.

Then we went back to Costco to get Colo’s meds before heading home. The pharmacy blamed the vet’s office, of course.

Saturday Morning Oliver finally figured out how to Roll! SO PROUD!

Bobby was pretty sick all weekend, but was feeling better on Monday! Despite this on Sunday we went to Uncle Jack’s birthday lunch at Black Angus. The kids were really well behaved! I was very impressed.


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