All nighter

Well, we’ve managed to stay out of the hospital so far. We’ll see if our luck holds out. The doctor wants him to have 26oz a day, and he’s managed 29oz in the last 24 hours. That’s down from his normal of over 40oz. His breathing still sounds bad to me, but he seems to be in good spirits so far today.

I was up with him pretty much all night, he never slept for more than 60 solid minutes before waking again and wanting some attention. Bobby took over at 4AM, so I slept from 4AM to about 9:30AM. Bobby (and Landon, and Ollie for that matter) is taking a nap right now. I’m hoping for a better night tonight. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

So this week I worked from home Monday afternoon, Tuesday, Weds, and Friday afternoon. In 8 days of work, I’ve managed to make a full day of it 4 times. 50% is not good odds. I really need to be in the office Monday and Tuesday next week for sure. This is just crazy stressful, to be a working mom. I know all the SAHM get all the props all over the internets, but man, I could use a little love for the working mom. It feels impossible. I really don’t want to be a SAHM. I like my job, I like my lifestyle. And most importantly, I LOVE my health insurance. Bobby’s job offers it and Bobby is on it, but it sucks compared to mine. And we need the really excellent health insurance right now, so I can’t afford to lose my job, even if I wanted to be a SAHM.


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