Ollie sick again

I’m really not sure what to do anymore. Oliver is very sick, again.

It feels like Ollie is just sick all the time. I’ve worried about it. I’ve taken him to the doctor. I’ve treated him carefully. The boy has had at the minimum, a stuffy nose since January 26th. I am totally not kidding. That’s 53 days. Now a day or two in there he might have not had a stuffy, snuffly nose. I think there were a few. But pretty much, for 53 days straight, the BEST case has been a stuffy nose. He’s also had an ear infection and Bronchiolitis (twice now), along with having bad days and good days, not to mention a fever for two days due to Vaxing. Overall, he’s just been sickly. I’m not sure what to do anymore. I paid for one week of childcare this week, but he’s missed two days to illness.

First, he was born, and he was perfect. But a week after his birth we were in the hospital for almost a month, and he almost died. Then in January he started this runny nose, and it’s been nothing but a sickly boy since.

He went to school on Thursday, seeming to be mostly recovered from his vaxing on Monday. When Bobby picked him up from school they said that his cough had gotten worse, and they thought in the last hour it might have started wheezing. I couldn’t tell if the “wheezing” was just in his upper sinus cavity (and therefore not a big deal) or in his upper respiratory system (therefore possible Bronchiolitis again). Bobby decided to take a vacation day today (he decided yesterday to take a personal day) In order to take a break from the kids and the stress and the work. Instead he took Oliver into the doctor’s office.

He just called to tell me it’s Bronchiolitis again, and since Ollie hasn’t eaten or had a wet diaper in 6 hours, that if he doesn’t eat when Bobby gets home, Bobby needs to take him in for IV fluids at the ER. In the meantime we are supposed to give him breathing treatments every 4 hours. Apparently this case is worse than his last case. He’s also got a prescription for steroids that “might” help.

At least when I wasn’t working I could be there. I didn’t have to stress about staying home and caring for him. Today I’m at work and Bobby’s home with him. I missed one day of work to “WFH” on Tues when I should have been in the office and then I should have stayed home today with him (in hindsight) and I’ll probably leave early to go help Bobby, especially if Ollie ends up in the ER. I can’t afford to be half working, I’ll get fired. I can’t afford to pay for that much daycare if he’s not actually going. I don’t see a light at the end of the tunnel. He doesn’t seem to get better, just worse. I’m worried he has something major wrong with him, like an autoimmune disorder or something. I’m stressed out all the time.

I’ll know more in an hour or two, depending on if Ollie eats.

I’ll keep you posted.


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